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Become An Artist


We are always looking for new artists, mediums, and styles from across southern Illinois.  


All artists must live in the southernmost 16 counties of Illinois.   


All art is sold on consignment.


If you are a maker or creator of fine arts, culinary arts, or locally-crafted products, we would like to partner with you to sell and promote your arts/products.  


If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact us by emailing,



Become An Instructor

276 Art Exchange plans to provide classes and workshops where individuals of all ages and walks of life may learn a new craft, perfect their existing skills, build their portfolios, and potentially become entrepreneurs as they sell their works of art.


Current Artists

Beverly Beers, Raleigh
Andrea Skuta, Marion
Ty Shultz, DeSoto
Tina Bollman, Marion
Jan York, Carbondale
John Havlik, Vienna
Karon Scates, Shawneetown
Christy Short, Shawneetown
John Lipe, Carbondale
Stephanie McCarty, Harrisburg
Kenny Price, Equality
Andi York, Equality
Thom Goodin, Carbondale
Linda Austin, Cobden
Bob Hageman, Cobden
Elva Scantlan, Harrisburg
Tim Breeding, Shawneetown
Charlene Whitler, Eldorado
Shirley Naas, Eldorado
Melanie Kason, Ozark
Janet Bixler, Eldorado
Mike Dotson, Golconda
Reta Mitchell, Harrisburg
Sandra Ibbotson, Crossville

Cindy Henderson, Golconda

Belinda Shults, DeSoto

Cindy Gulley, Harrisburg

Ruth Dougherty, Carbondale

HJ Dahmer, Marion

Alan Dillard, Carbondale

Stephanie Dillard, Carbondale

Carl Cottingham, Carterville

Susie Bishop, Olney

Sarah Dorau, Murphysboro

Brylee Bayer, Equality

Monte & Diane Bremer, Metropolis

Emily Yates, Elkville

Amy Jacobs, McLeansboro

Stephanie Susie, Harrisburg

Rita Park, Brookport

Nicole Bruno, Harrisburg

Joseph Bettress, Marion

Albert Phillips, Shawneetown

Wendy Reynolds, Herod

John O'Connell, Makanda

Robert Samet, Carbondale

Matt Jenkins, Equality

Kevin Cole, Sims

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